Ahoy!Dave Abigal III

I’m Captain Dave. The inspiration to create Island Time Pets and handmade nautically inspired dog toys and cat toys began early on in my life. As a Boy Scout, I had a talent for knot tying and splicing rope and my skills evolved over a life of sailing. After sailing in the Caribbean for a couple of years, I came ashore and started Island Time Sailing School and since then I have been teaching seamanship, navigation, boat design and sea survival at a school by the sea. My connection with the sea and all that it encompasses is in my blood and soul.

When I started my teaching career I had the good fortune to adopt an amazing yellow Labrador retriever named Ceilidh. She often played with pieces of line from boats that I sailed. I took a look at the pet marketplace and soon realized that there was a scarcity of pet products that were made in the United States and/or made with quality and care. Ceilidh and I have many canine and feline “friends” that we wanted to provide with safe, high quality toys and other products. It was my quest to find just those pet products that left me asking two questions. Why should our friends have to chew on dyed, unknown materials that can’t be good for them? Why should these items not be made in the United States? Thus the creation of Island Time Pets.

Starting Island Time Pets, I was determined to change the pet environment by designing and offering the highest possible quality toys, collars, leashes and other pet products. The dog toys and products and the cat toys you will find offered by Island Time Pets are both functional and beautiful. In fact, I consider each of my pet creations “functional art.”

I hope you will try one of my naturally nautical inspired, American-made pet products. I know that you won’t be disappointed. I would love to hear about your pet family, your product ideas, and your story so write info@islandtimepets.com or call me 774-766-0468. Send photos of your pets too!

“Island Time” comes from a Caribbean notion of letting things follow a natural course. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be for our pets and us?

Yours Truly,

Captain Dave