FAQ – Captain Dave’s Nautical Rope Dog Leashes from Island Time Pets


Question: What is a splice and why use this method to make rope pet toys?FAQ Captain Dave starting the traditional nautical splice

Answer: A splice is a way to join a line back to itself or to another line.  Sailors have used Splices on shipsfor centuries to join traditional three strand lines for the rigging on a ship and it’sworking lines.For joining a line, a splice is much stronger than using a knot. Splices cannot be made by a machine,only by hand.



Question: Why use traditional nautical splices for your Nautical Dog Leashes?FAQ Captain Dave working the splice

Answer: I’ve applied nautical in my designs because they are historically proven methods that are time tested for their effectiveness. These nautical methods for joining line have been used on sailing vessels for countless functions for hundreds of years.




Question: What is the purpose of adding the “whipping” to the splices that join the line?Dave finishing the splice.jpeg

Answer: The end of the splice is whipped (hand sewn) in place to prevent the splice from being
backedout or and taken apart. Our pet friends can be very crafty at taking things apart. I make my
Nautical DogLeashes to look great but also to be used on land and in and around the water.



Question: How durable is one of Captain Dave’s Nautical Rope Dog Leashes?

Answer: I use the best quality marine-grade rope and the highest quality bronze hardware for my leashes.
These materials are meant to stand up to tough conditions in all types of marine applications so they are
very durable. And, I make each leash myself so you can be sure that the quality you receive will represent
the best of my skill as a craftsman. My Nautical Rope Dog Leashes are truly beautiful but what’s more,
they are very strong and weather resilient.